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I am dedicated to building relationships with my customers, and helping them reach their skin care goals is my number one priority. This is what some of them have to say...

“I feel so fortunate to have found Efren. Being a former spa director in NYC I have had many facials from a variety of skin care professionals and Efren, by far, is the best! He has the unique combination of great knowledge, technique and the gift of truly healing hands. His love and passion for what he does is evident and you will certainly leave his spa glowing from the inside out.”

Patricia Maertens,
Studio City, CA

“As an on-camera TV host, putting my best face forward is essential. At first I was a skeptical of the true benefits of skin care treatments but after my very first session I came to find myself relying on Efren's work on a regular basis. Efren's passion is inspiring and his skilled hands always leave me feeling refreshed and looking my best!”

Ryan Ray,
Los Angeles, CA

“Efren makes my sensitive skin glow! He is extremely knowledgeable of skincare treatments, procedures and products. He pays attention to details and is concerned with providing clients with the best possible service and skincare education.

The environment he creates is comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. I always leave feeling refreshed, pampered, & beautiful. I would recommend Efren to anyone!”

Jennifer Koenig,
Woodland Hills, CA

“Efren is the best choice I can think of for looking after my skin. Just look at him! Like his treatments, his advice cleanses from the inside, out. As a photographer, I’m sometimes exposed to elements of sun, wind and dirt that my pores would rather not. I can always trust that Efren has read the latest news in skincare and can suggest both protective and revitalizing measures. Add that he’s an advocate of good living and hearty laughter, and you have both a friend and advisor to your skin.”

Arden Ash,
Los Angeles, CA


“I am privileged to call Efren my esthetician. For the past three years, I have received monthly facials under his care. Efren is a wonderfully talented skincare professional who provides with a relaxing and intimate environment, always accommodating to my individual skin care needs and my schedule.

I know I receive Efren’s full attention and treatments that continuously exceed my expectations. As a regular customer, I have every confidence that his attention to detail and his selection of the right skincare products for my face do show results. I am amazed at the compliments I get on my skin now!”

Aaron White,
Ventura, CA

“The best facial I have ever experienced in the Los Angeles area is Efren's. You will never find one better! Efren is very attentive, professional, knowledgeable about his products and the industry, honest and takes pride of his work. He believes in skincare that includes the right products, regular facials, the right nutrition and exercise. Efren's the best. You need to experience it. I can assure you, you'll leave his treatment room feeling like a limp noodle….and asking for more. I always do!”

Vickee Petersen
Burbank, CA

“Efren offers the most amazing facials. He doesn’t just massage product over your face: he uses high quality product, is very knowledgeable about skincare and provides great customer service. He takes time in taking care of me, especially during the cleansing portion of the facial, which is a very thorough and meticulous process. After getting my monthly facials for the past 3-4 years, I have definitely seen improvement in my skin tone and texture. I get compliments at work all the time on my luminous skin.

I love it when he exfoliates the dead skin cells and does extractions. Only God and Efren know what comes out of my pores! My favorite and also my secret weapon for looking younger is Efren’s anti-aging facial. Y’all can forget botox!

If you want to see results, try Efren’s skincare services. You’ll be hooked!”

Patricia Ng,
Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve got a busy life with five grandchildren and one of the hardest things for me to do is to relax. On my first appointment, Efren took down a thorough health history and tailored my skincare program to my individual needs. I underwent a series of chemical peels to address my skin condition and the results were fabulous! Efren told me what to expect every step of the way and sent me home with simple-to-follow instructions and homecare product to use. Chemical peels may sound frightening, but Efren made each session very soothing and relaxing. I didn’t expect all that pampering!

During one of the appointments I became so relaxed I fell asleep. Now, that’s a miracle!

I could never do that before. One of the highlights of his services is the fact that he was always available via phone or email to answer any questions I had between treatments. The great support he provided made the whole experience so marvelous.

I would highly recommend Efren’s skincare services to any one!

Caryl Ishizawa,
Lawndale, CA

“I have been getting facials from Efren for almost 5 years. I've been to many estheticians in my life and Efren is the only person I now go to consistently. Every visit to his treatment room is such a relaxing experience. In fact, I've fallen asleep almost every time. Each time, my face feels amazingly clean and fresh. And this is saying a lot given my skin is usually a mess when I see him. I spend a lot of time outdoors, exercising, partying, etc and after I see Efren, I feel like a get a fresh new start. He's always very informative. I feel as if I can ask him about anything from creams to proper nutrition to address my skin challenges and he will answer truthfully and knowledgeably. I also love that most often than not, he's answering from his own tried experiences with his own skin - just look at his skin - it's perfection! He is definitely a master of his trade and I absolutely recommend his services!”

Jackie Garrido
Los Angeles, CA

"I have been going to Efren for around 2 years now. I go monthly and truly feel it is an oasis of relaxation! I feel so comfortable with him and he is so capable with his massage techniques that I relish the time with him! I get comments all the time about how great my skin is! He has a wonderful ability to clinically analyze my skin and provide me just what I need at that time like no other skincare professional I have ever been to!"

Emily Dauer,
Studio City, CA


“Efren has made it even harder for people to guess my real age”

Kirk Dauer,
Studio City, CA